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Ds. Lagat stelt zich voor

Ds. Lagat is de secretaris van de RCEA. Hij onderhoud namens de AEPC kerken het contact met Kenia Mission.
Ook ds. Lagat hebben we enkele vragen gesteld waar hij graag antwoord op gaf.

1.0       PREAMBLE
I received your email requesting that I should introduce myself to Zwolle congregation in the Netherlands. I received this message with a lot of gratitude and appreciation, because I believe in good work relationships and clear understanding of team work. I am therefore very glad to introduce myself to the congregation in the Netherlands. I am of the opinion that the church indeed is the salt and the light of the world. Its more challenging in the modern world to achieve this objective because the world is becoming more dynamic than during the days of Jesus, due to the changes we experience in the world brought about by social change and change in science and technology, the rationale of the people continue, to change every moment and therefore for the church do effective and efficient ministry the church need leaders who are completely focused and willing to sacrifice in many ways for God’s mission.
I am happy for our partnership with DVN since the beginning of our partnership the projects supported by DVN have brought a positive change in the health of our people and brought peaceful co-existence along Turkana and Pokot border, I remember in 2011, we could not cross the border without police escort, but I have gone through the border this days without police escort, this is because the program on peace helped our people to change their mindset and to embrace peace as a component of development and co-existence and that it brings about social development in this region, the program was established with such clear objective, Am glad to introduce myself to this congregation who perceived the calling of God to help us work to restore peace in the region of Turkana- Pokot, your commitment to God’s mission is indeed the greatest thing, I appreciate brother Prins. He has been a regular visitor to our project and congregations, I appreciate Him as good worker and a good brother to us. I know many people stand behind Him, I love Him and love his work. RITT Program support is also fantastic. We have trained more Pastors and build capacity for them.

1.2       Could you tell us something about your family?
I wish to tell you something about myself and my family. I was born in 1974 the 12th of April in Kenya. Eldoret West District, Uasin Gishu County, I attended RCEA Kiplombe Primary School for Primary education between 1981 – 1989. I joined Kapngetuny Secondary School in 1990 – 1993 after High School joined Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology in 1994 – 1997 to train in Banking and Finance whereby after graduation I worked with Mid-Oil Africa Limited as assistant branch manager and worked for two years, in 2003, I joined Reformed Institute for theological Training and pursued theological studies and graduated in the year 2006. I was posted to RCEA Ushirika in Eldoret town for practical year, upon which in the synod of 2007 the synod approved my ordination and that I was ordained in 2008 August, in the same congregation. I serve in this church till 2014.
I went for further studies on part time basis from 2007 to 2010 at Moi University, and graduated in 2010 December 3rd with Bachelor’s Degree in religious studies. Soon after that I undertook postgraduate Diploma in Education in the same University for one year and graduate in September, 2013. In 2013 undertook Master’s program in Development studies and I did graduate in the year 2014 October from Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
I was elected the Deputy General Secretary in the year 2013, and General Secretary last year 2015.

1.2.1   Something about my Family
I am the first born of a family of six children, four brothers and two sisters. My parents are devoted Christians in our church, though having no formal education managed to bring us up and educate us because of being influenced by the Christian virtues and values. One of my sister is also a Pastor in the Reformed Church of East Africa, one of my brother works and lives in the USA.
I am married to Margaret Lagat, who is a teacher by profession and a committed Christian, she is passionate for the work of God. We are now married for 14 years and growing strong every day. We so much believe in the Christian teaching about marriage for it was ordained by God. We are blessed with two children, Bethuel Kibet and Valuvy Jerop, we are staying in the family with Marion Jepkoech the daughter of my sister.

1.3       Could you tell us something about your relationship with the Lord?
I am a born again Christian pastor and committed to the Lord, I received Christ as Lord and the Saviour of my life in the year 1989, though I was brought up in a Christian family, before 1989 I had not made personal commitment to Christ. I wish to state that indeed the Lord has been good to me I cultivate my salvation with fear and trembling on daily basis, I am committed to live victorious Christian life. I wish to live for Christ all the days of my life and by the grace of God, the Lord had enabled me to overcome temptations many times. I am therefore committed in the relationship with Christ, willing to always serve to the glory of His name.

1.4       How do you share your faith?
I am a devoted Christian I was raised in the Reformed Church of East Africa for all these days the only place I know most is the church and the family. I received infant baptism and I have grown through Sunday school, Youth and now adulthood. I wish to state that I share my faith with others by word and deed, being the pastor of the Reformed Church of East Africa I have an opportunity to preach to the people in many Sunday’s in our church forums. Am also invited in schools to preach and pray for high school and college students, in the last year before I became the General Secretary I taught on part time basis in two universities in Kenya and a college, I would take at least five minutes of the lesson to share with my students the goodness of the Lord. The young people of our country are going secular day after day and I have found that there is a lot of decay in terms of morality. Scientific research has shown that Christian workers are more stable and have high level of service delivery, I believe in what I refer to as “Education plus” the plus Christian virtues and values. I am encouraging the church to establish Christian model schools and universities. We can have whole the education, technology and wealth, without Christ all is in vain.
Every Tuesday in the office we have fellowship of over 50 employees I take this opportunity to share our Christian faith, many times invited for social development forums and I take the advantage to share my faith and Christian experience. I have done this throughout my life in primary, secondary, college and university.

1.5       Why is it important for you, that others get to know about God?
First and foremost it is important for all the people to know God because He is the creator. God created Human beings and left a space for himself within us we, cannot be authentic human beings without God in our lives. We will always live empty and void life, nothing will fill up that space of God.
Our families, churches, societies, community and countries cannot experience stability without the influence of Christian values, I find it important for others to know God in order to have personal relationship for now and in future, at the end of all things, the people who did not received Christ shall be lost eternally. Christian teaching encourages people to have self-control of which without the teaching, people will not live peacefully with oneself and with others. In my assessment the most successful countries of the world their forefathers and foremothers laid the country’s foundation in God. A good example is Europe and America through God’s enlightenment people have maximize their potentials and do good stewardship. We cannot care for environment without being influenced by Christian values. So it is important for people to know God and I am always committed to share my faith with people without fear or any contradiction.

1.6       What are your most important roles/tasks as the General Secretary of the Reformed  Church of East Africa?
The General Secretary of the Reformed Church of East Africa. He is the Chief Administrative Officer of the church who is responsible for day to day running activities of the church. He is the Head of all the church programs, this tasks and roles are spelled out in the Constitution of the church. I wish to highlight these functions as follows:

  • Am a leader of the day to day business of the church and it’s programs
  • Am responsible for safe custody of all church records and property
  • Liaise with ecumenical bodies and agencies on behalf of the church for fraternal partnership.

1.7       Conclusion

Finally, I wish to thank you for the request to introduce myself to the brethren, I find this a great blessing to do, it has also given me the opportunity to share my faith with brothers and sisters, I am looking forward to one day meet all of you face to face and perhaps preach in your congregation. God bless you richly.

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