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Ds. Kimanthi stelt zich voor

Sinds begin 2016 is ds. Kimanthi de moderator (voorzitter) van de AEPC. Wij hebben hem enkele vragen gesteld waarmee hij zichzelf aan u voor wil stellen.

My name is Rev. David muthami Kimanthi. I am 57 years old. Am married to Rebecca Mawia Muthami. God has blessed us with four children, Mary, Mercy, Kennedy and Grace. All are married but Kennedy is not yet married. I got saved in 1972, and I received the call to the ministry in 1984. In 1985 AEPC sent me to Bible College where in 1988   I Graduated with a diploma in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries. In 1989 AEPC sent me to Mount Kenya East region as a Local Missionary to Plant Churches in Embu and Meru County, where up to date, I have planted four churches. I got ordained to be a full church Pastor in 1993. In 2008 – 2011 AEPC took me to Africa International University where I Graduated with BA in Theology.

I am a church planter, and I have planted four churches in both Embu and Meru County which have got their own pastors who are shepherding them. Apart from being a church planter, I have been serving AEPC church in different leadership capacities. In 1994, I was elected the first AEPC GA started clerk. I have served as central Presbytery moderator for two different times and before I was elected the AEPC GA moderator, I was the moderator of Mount Kenya presbytery. I praise God for what AEPC pastors have seen in me that they could elect me to serve them in different capacities.

Paul is asking, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Romans 10:14 Cf Mathew 28: 19-20, I am a pastor and the most important thing in my life is to fulfill the call of God by preaching the word of God, and that is why I have a church I am ministering. I believe God called me to the ministry with a purpose that I should take His gospel and tell people about the great love of God, that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. And am happy as a church planter many people have known Christ as their personal Saviour. Through my work as a pastor, many people in the churches I planted have been called to ministry by God and they are now serving God in AEPC as churches. Again it is visible that God is working in my life because I have that desire of serving Him as a Pastor, moderator of the entire AEPC church, and my desire is to see people confessing their faith in Jesus and being fruitful in God’s work.

In our AEPC Constitution, and especially in our Bylaws, the moderator is elected after every three years.

  1. The AEPC moderator is supposed to carry out without partiality procedures needed at our church business meeting.
  2. To lead the presbytery officials who form the AEPC GA Administration committee to prepare the Agenda for AEPC GA meetings, and do the evaluation of how church matters are going on for correction and strengthening.
  3. To preside at AEPC GA business meetings in an orderly efficient manner.
  4. To speak for the church to any forum and to our church partners, and on behalf of the entire church be the keeper of the partnership by making sure all agreements between the church and the partners are fulfilled faithfully and for the glory of God.
  5. To maintain the spirit of Unity, Respect, Integrity, Purity and Love in our Church.
  6. To share meetings in the AEPC GA Executive Officials.
  7. To communicate on behalf of the church with foreign missions.

There are many other roles of a moderator those are the key. But now, while the above must be realized and fulfilled through my leadership, as a newly elected moderator, I have planned to carry out a situational survey or fact finding survey, to be done in our entire AEPC Denomination.

This Survey Will Help Us:
Understand how AEPC GA has been effective in helping our church grow both spiritually and numerically.

  1. How our churches in the due set time are implementing our church strategic plan.
  2. Whether the office of the AEPC GA moderator has been meeting their expectations that are whether the office through the set committees has been serving the church faithfully in carrying out their church project sponsored by our donors (partners).

For this survey to be done correctly, and for us to receive proper information, we have divided AEPC churches to two regions. One region consists of churches which are in Ukambani. (The larger Mwingi, which has three presbyteries, Mwingi Presbytery, Kyuso Presbytery and Ngomeni Presbytery) The other region is the larger Nairobi churches, consisting of Central Presbytery, Rift Valley Presbytery and Mount Kenya Presbytery. Every local church in these regions in different dates, will send a Pastor, one church Elder, two ladies and two youths in a planned meeting where they will share their views on how AEPC GA has been working and whether it has been meeting their expectations. They will be free to point out our weakness and strength. As a result this will help us strengthen our relationship with our local church leadership, which in turn, the presbyteries will not have hard times in requesting local churches to sponsor AEPC GA office to run its daily activities. After we finish with the situational survey, which we are almost through with it, we shall have an AEPC GA administration committee meeting which will go through what has been said by our local church representatives from the two regions, for discussion and be forwarded to AEPC GA as an Agenda for further discussion and implementation.

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